If you are interested in receiving guidance and being more confident with your financial decisions and your future, we think you will benefit from our approach to providing financial advice.  With your aspirations in mind, we review your current position and provide advice on strategies to help you.  From here, we then implement and review your strategy with you so that you are on track to creating and maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

The type of advice you require will change throughout your life, so it is important that your strategies do too.

We invite you to meet with our advice team and find out how we can help to enhance your financial well-being into the future.

Advice areas


Cash Flow, Budgeting & Debt Reduction

Examining your cash flow and expenditure is often the first place to begin when planning to make improvements to your financial position.  From here, we assess where opportunities exist to create better efficiencies, using funds to meet your lifestyle needs, repay debt, and/or put funds towards saving and investments.


Saving & Investing

A great way to build wealth is to use surplus income or savings to start a portfolio, upon which you will build up over time.  Our advice in this area focuses on your objectives, your investment risk profile, your timeframe for investment, and your tax and cash flow position.  Our investment advice can include listed securities and cash deposits, specialist managed funds where appropriate, and the benefits of dividends and imputation credits.


Superannuation & Saving for Retirement

Taking steps to make the most of your superannuation will impact greatly on your retirement.  We aim to make use of strategies that will help build your superannuation up over time.  Our superannuation advice takes into consideration what constitutes a suitable investment strategy for your funds, given your objectives and your time frame.  We provide a service whereby we regularly review your portfolio and any strategic items applicable to you.


Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

For people who wish to have more involvement in how their funds are invested, and who wish to invest transparently, SMSFs are a great structure in which to house retirement savings.  SMSFs also offer excellent flexibility in strategy planning, both in the accumulation phase and the pension phase, and for your estate.  The provision of SMSF advice and operation of your SMSF is a specialist area and a large focus within our business.


Retirement Income and Longevity

Once you have moved into the phase where you are drawing down on your retirement savings, it becomes important to invest your funds with the aim of promoting longevity of your funds, investing for both income and growth.  Our advice also involves structuring your retirement income tax effectively, and maximising any social security income support and accessing concession cards that you may be eligible for.


Centrelink / Social Security

At various stages of your life you may qualify for income support payments and/or a range of concessions provided by our Government.  We provide advice on maximising your benefits, and we are also happy to assist in the regular updates required by the Department of Human Services.


Personal Insurances

Having the right personal insurance means having cover that is relevant, structured appropriately, and affordable.  It may include life insurance, total & permanent disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and income protection insurance.  In providing insurance advice, it is important for us to assess your personal circumstances – this includes your age, assets, income, expenses, and debt levels, your financial dependents, and possible future income needs.  Insurance is often overlooked, but it plays a very important role in securing your financial future in the event of life not going to plan.


Estate Planning

In providing financial advice, we give consideration to your estate planning objectives.  This can include discussing options in relation to how you would like your superannuation, insurance, and investments distributed in the event of death, and putting in place measures to meet your wishes.  Some assets will form part of your estate, to be administered in accordance with instructions of your Will, and others (such as superannuation) can be dealt with outside of a Will if you choose.  Where we believe you have specialised estate planning needs, we will recommend that you seek further specialist advice.


Aged Care Planning

Older members of our community need advice about preparing for their aged care needs, while younger clients need advice about helping their parents to access care, and about funding issues.  Advice around aged care focuses on giving our clients choices so that they can take control.  This includes how to manage negotiations with aged care providers, structuring cash flow, assessing costs and social security, and options for the family home.  Planning ahead when it comes to aged care is an effective method of helping to deal with the urgency that can arise when the need for care is imminent.



When facing redundancy from employment, your payment will include various components such as payments in lieu of notice, a severance payment, and unused sick leave and annual leave.  Each component of the payment has its own tax treatment and rules around what its payment method to you is.  We can provide assistance around managing your cash flow, and assisting with any social security income support payments you may be eligible for, and what waiting periods you may need to serve.  Our advice also encompasses making the best use of your funds in the context of your overall financial position, and what you would like to achieve next in your life.


Foreign Super Transfers

If you are considering transferring your superannuation from an overseas fund to Australia, whether into a Fund or to yourself, we strongly recommend seeking advice in relation to the implications the transfer may have.  We can assist with helping you determine the tax and social security implications that may exist, and the superannuation rules around acceptance and treatment of the funds.


Starting Out – Advice for Young Adults

For people at the beginning of their working lives, establishing good financial habits can go a long way to securing financial independence and stability.  Our advice to people starting out in establishing themselves financially encompasses goal setting and budgeting, saving and investing, tax planning, managing debt well, and establishing a sound superannuation and insurance strategy.


Special Disability Trusts

A Special Disability Trust (SDT) is a trust established primarily for the current and future financial needs of a person with a severe disability or medical condition. SDT’s enable parents and families of severely disabled people to take control of their loved ones’ care and accommodation needs for the duration of their lives, providing peace-of-mind that they will always be looked after.

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