Referrals are very important for our business. We receive many referrals from our clients and employees and value each referral very highly. If there is someone you know who may require our assistance in the future, and you are considering referring them to AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs), you should be aware of the following:

  • Any prospective client referred to us is treated on a no-obligation basis. We welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone interested in our products and services, but there is no pressure placed on them to proceed any further than an initial meeting.

  • We maintain strict confidentiality. We cannot discuss any clients’ or prospective clients’ situation or disclose their decisions or objectives to anyone outside of our organisation.

  • We value personal introductions. If you have a friend or family member you think could benefit from our services we ask that you provide us with a brief introduction to them prior to our first meeting. We are often introduced to prospective clients in person, by phone, via an email, or at one of our Seminars.

 Bonuses paid to AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) employees

 AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) provides many complementary products and services in the areas of insurance, financial services and risk management. If your AB Phillips/Financial Affairs adviser or account manager thinks you may benefit from another product or service offered within the AB Phillips portfolio they may refer your details to another AB Phillips department.

AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) internal referral policy provides AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) staff with Bonuses based on the total revenue received from new business generated as a direct result of referrals they provide to other areas of the business.

AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) maintain a bonus pool and may reward staff with vouchers or cash bonuses depending on the number, volume or revenue. This is not a direct payment from any product or service you acquire from us. These benefits are paid by AB Phillips (Including Financial Affairs) and do not result in any additional charges to you (the client).

All referrals are treated in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.